About Noir Basic

Based in Paris and manufactured in France, Noir Basic is a new luxury lifestyle brand, born out of mythology and constantly evolving through the arts.

Its philosophy pays grave attention to creativity, authenticity and quality and always seek for simplicity through complexity. With an emphasis on sophisticated basics combined with inspiration drawn from memories, arts and history. The brand has truly mastered the concept of transformation with imaginative perspective and iconic design.

The collection presents a modern reinvention of timeless pieces – A play on fiction and reality – Created by the legacy and transformed by the spirit.


Our Tanneries

Among the refined material we use to craft our products we find the gracious animal skins produced by three renowned tanneries.

Our Denim

Selvage raw denim is a type of denim, which forms a clean natural edge that does not unravel.

Cashmere denim is warm and soft denim for the winter season. It is made out of 20% Cashmere wool blended in the denim and 80% cotton fiber.

Slub denim: this is a shiny denim fabric faded with indigo variations.

Our Silk

We started to work with a silk manufacture which has been established in the city of Lyon since 1893 . It has a unique savoir-faire and its history relates back to the golden age of Lyonnaise silk, long before the time of laser imprint and synthetic silk.


Since 2017, Noir Basic has launched a swimwear line named “Maillot Noir”.

Every year Noir Basic will add some new black swimsuits in order to offer a basic, minimaliste, sexy and comfortable style.

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